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The basic principle of figurative art is the external form that takes on the beauty created by human creativity. It is an outer figure that is perceptible through the sense of sight. Painting, sculpture, drawing, and architecture are some examples of figurative art.

In these arts materials are used, so there is a certain impact on the environment. In the case of sculpture, for example, it is marble, which is also used in architecture and interior design. A glance at the mountains of Carrara (Italy), where the famous and precious marble comes from, is enough to understand the influence that art also has on the earth and the environment.

In general, constructions made by humans, and therefore the houses for which they seek magical places, often disfigure the landscape from an aesthetic, hydrogeological and ecological point of view. Tragic floods, which also cost human lives, are the result of such constructions, which, in their search for proximity to rivers, lakes, the sea or other scenically beautiful places, change the harmonious order that such places have given themselves over the centuries of the earth’s development.

That is why figurative art deserves to be a subject of reflection and research not only in philosophical discourse - since it is part of an important sphere of life, one of beauty and absolutely free creativity based on imagination - but also in the environmental discourse.



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