World Cosmopolitan School

World Cosmopolitan School

Cosmopolitan School - Entrance and main Idea 

School is the place where people receive their first education beyond their family. If we consider the time of kindergarten as a ’school’ as well, in the sense that there we also receive teaching on behaviour and therefore on ethics, we understand that the role of school in the education of humans is fundamental.  

The state cannot and must not take over education completely. Parents are allowed to educate their children in absolute freedom. Nevertheless, the state needs honest and virtuous citizens in order to make living together work well. In a world that is growing together ever closer and that is characterised by the new paradigm of society, people first of all need to learn to see themselves as part of a united world community, beyond cultural, geographical and physiological and other types of differences.

A world school must play a homogenising role in this process; not in a despotic and tyrannical sense of course, but in the sense that it prepares people, wherever they came into the world, to be citizens of planet Earth, to love and respect it, and to recognise and respect their fellow humans and other living beings.

Only a world school can form the indispensable and necessary foundation of the world state. Without such a school system, realising a world state is not possible. It is therefore necessary to provide all intelligence and readiness possible to achieve this ultimate goal as quickly as possible and in a stable and lasting manner.


Cosmopolitan School - ROOMS and INTERPRETATION

If you like to suggest a room on the topic of ’World School’, please contact us by e-mail.


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