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Sport shows a significant difference compared to the game. It is the concept of ’performance’. In a game, there is no serious and reasonable purpose, whereas in sports, there is. If, for example, you beat the world record over 100 metres, this is a great achievement, which obviously can only be achieved with many sacrifices, a precise diet, logically planned and strictly executed training plans, etc.

In sports we sometimes go to the limits of normal human capabilities, think of extreme sports such as apnoea diving or mountain climbing, where athletes even risk their lives. However, these are challenges that serve to measure what limits the human being can reach as a unity of body and mind. The mind accompanies the body at all times and they represent an inseparable unit.

A game such as football, for example, can never become a sport, even if it is defined as one. The game always has a pure recreational purpose, i.e. pure fun, even if it is played as a job. It always remains an activity with a pointless end, where the winners win a championship after the ball has been shot into the opponent’s net many times and fewer times into the net of the own team. No higher result is achieved for humankind, as it would be with a world record in apnoea diving. Football would be a sport if, for example, the goal of a game was to play for five hours without interruption. Then the goal would no longer be victory based on the number of goals scored, but on endurance, completely independent of the number of goals scored or goals received.

Of course, sport also has a certain impact on the environment, whether at national or international level, for example through the travel of athletes or equipment. As such, however, performance is something that in itself strengthens the relationship with the environment, for example in water sports or mountain sports, where other dimensions of nature are explored and nature is experienced in a way that a normal life would not allow. Knowing nature is important and a prerequisite for respecting it.


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