World Cosmopolitan Economy

World Cosmopolitan Economy

Cosmopolitan Economy - Entry and Main Idea

The main principle of economics is not one’s own well-being, as many people believe, but the well-being of other people. The medium of economy is work; it is the pivot the entire economic organisation of society revolves around. Work is of course carried out by the person itself but it is directed to one or more other people, it is never or very rarely carried out for itself. Every production or distribution (sale) of a good (or provision of a service) is done for other people who need the good or service for their lives. The satisfaction of this need through work is exactly the purpose of economy because it is the reason for work.

This is why work is above all something social and ethical, it is guided by others and carried out for others, whom we want to make happy or satisfy through our work.

Work is one of the most important ethical values and everything that has been said about ethics needs to be applied to it (see the relevant section of this platform).

Of course, we expect something in return from the recipients of our work because we also have our own needs to satisfy. This can be done either through barter or by paying with a unit of measurement (currency), on the basis of which the value (price) of a work is determined. What is the appropriate pricing of labour is a central question of economics.

The actual principle of economy is work as a service, i.e. the intersubjective, social and altruistic purpose of work. Those who work with the idea of accumulating as much money as possible have not understood the real purpose of economy and of work and will block a very important way to self-actualise in life. Self-actualisation, in fact, does not consist in the accumulation of capital but in the best possible satisfaction of the needs of those who have just had a "need" for us and our work.




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