One country: Germany-Italy

One country: Germany-Italy


The history of Italy and Germany is very similar, at least for the last three to four hundred years. Dismembered into small or large regional states in the modern age, they unified in the 19th century thanks to strong nationalist movements, which made it possible for them to reject foreign domination on their territories and thus to emerge as nation states in 1861 (Italy) and 1871 (Germany) respectively. In the decades immediately following, the two states had different histories, only to return to a similar history, albeit with differences, in the years of dictatorships between the two world wars. 

From 1945 onwards, a similar history resumed within the European Community, of which Italy and Germany are two pillars from the very beginning. Germany is so from the economic and political-practical point of view, we think of the tireless pro-European work of Helmut Kohl and Angela Merkel in the last decades; Italy, on the other hand, more from the cultural and political-theoretical point of view (the philosophical programme of the European Union was conceived in Italy by some anti-fascist intellectuals and published in 1941 as the Ventotene Manifesto and even today there is a flourishing Europeanist philosophical literature in Italy).

This is why in our platform we intend to give special space to Italian-German relations, which in our opinion are the real backbone of the European unification process. We have written elsewhere on this platform about this process, which has a global relevance that goes far beyond the geographical and mental borders of Europe. 
In this section we will therefore publish opinions, studies and initiatives concerning Italian-German relations, which are considered central to current European and therefore also world history. 


Whoever would like to offer his or her own contribution to the topic, please contact us by e-mail. Thank you!



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