World Cosmopolitan Healthcare

World Cosmopolitan Healthcare

World Cosmopolitan Healthcare (Medical Science, Hygiene): Entrance and basic principle

Health care, medical science, hygiene, fashion

Health and hygiene are certainly an essential aspect of the aesthetic side of life. We are both our body and our mind. Just as careful training of the mind, especially of a humanistic nature, enables us to understand the fundamental aspects of life, such as ethical values, and therefore to live in a way that corresponds to their concept, so our body needs to be cared for as well, so that our way of "feeling" it is positive and without pain or unpleasant sensations.

Taking care of the body primarily consists of hygiene, i.e. its cleaning. The body does indeed secrete toxic substances and can also be exposed to harmful substances from the outside world that could make one ill or have an ’unaesthetic’ effect. These substances therefore have to be removed through proper hygiene.

The body can also be made more aesthetically pleasing for the perception of both ourselves and others. For example, perfumed substances that are not toxic to the body can fulfil this function.

Keeping the body in shape through appropriate sporting and gymnastic activities is another important dimension of life, which not only contributes to feeling healthy and in good shape, but also to perhaps living longer.

Activities that are unhygienic and also unhealthy for the body include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, even the consumption of unhealthy food. All this pollutes, so to speak, the body inside, i.e. it slowly changes the inner balance which guarantees the organic unity of the body and thus of our life. The mind has its roots in the brain, of which it is a function. If the body suffers because its organic unity is threatened by elements that contradict its natural structure, the brain will inevitably suffer too, and the spirit will suffer with it.

Health, understood as the theoretical and public dimension that has the task of exploring and guaranteeing as long as possible the organic unity of the body and therefore the well-being of the spirit while living in it (one could say inhabiting it), is a fundamental dimension of life, especially of ethics. If we do not feel ’healthy’, we cannot enjoy life and therefore cannot fully live it in any of its aspects. This is an experience that each of us has had in our own lives. Even a mild flu can be enough to prevent us from living our daily lives and force us to be inactive for a few days. 
That is why health care, in its various aspects, for example as medical science and the various public and private structures that guarantee its proper practice in society, are fundamental aspects of the ethical and aesthetic dimension of life and therefore belong both to a philosophical treatment of the world of tomorrow and to an interactive platform in the present.

World Cosmopolitan Healthcare - Rooms and Interpretations 

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