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The topic of finances is very difficult and delicate. This is because currency is not an end, like work, but a means and therefore not essential for human life. Instead, exactly what is not an end but a means has nowadays become an end. This has distorted and is distorting our lives on a daily basis with immeasurable and dramatic consequences. It is not wrong to say that the wars and probably all the evil that has happened in the last century were caused by the financial power that financed dictators, terrorists, murderers, etc. Currency is something formal, so it can be filled with good or bad content. With money you can finance a public hospital or a terrorist group. But unfortunately, those who have a lot of money are hardly ever good and selfless people. The altruistic person does not accumulate money but good deeds, which are not materially provided. For this simple reason, in the vast majority of cases, money is accumulated by selfish people and families, who use it to accumulate even more in order to increase their power, which is not only financial, but also economic, political and even military power.

In today’s world, those who have financial power can control public life and condition it to the point where it is no longer autonomous and free. The present democracies are false democracies because they are ruled by the strong economic powers. Repeatedly, politicians and other prominent personalities who pursued objectives that ran counter to the interests of finance and the economy have died in strange accidents and mysterious murders. 

Therefore, finance and financial power have to be nationalised and returned to the people. Only the state, worldwide and in its various local authorities, will be able to manage the medium of currency in the future, the accumulation of which will therefore never again be a target for the citizens. Private accumulation beyond a certain reasonable limit needs to be prohibited. This limit can be high, in order to allow those who wish to become rich to live more than prosperous lives, but this enrichment can never lead to any kind of power that can influence the public life of humans. 

The world state will therefore not only permit but also encourage a certain private enrichment, but only to the extent that it remains private without affecting public life.

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