World Cosmopolitan Time

World Cosmopolitan Time

World Cosmopolitan Time

Time is the fundamental dimension of our existence. In its universal dimension it can be considered chronologically, time in the narrower sense, as well as spatially, as a result of chronological development.
This dimension is completely independent of our will; we have entered the world without wanting to and without knowing why, and we will leave it in the same way.

The immense effort of philosophy and of science in general is precisely to understand whether there is an answer to this ’why’; and we are far from having understood it, even if we have already come to some good conclusions in the philosophical field as well as in the humanities and natural sciences. But there is still an enormous amount of research to be done and we are only at the beginning of the history of knowledge: 2500 years of science and philosophy are to be regarded as an excellent beginning, nothing more.

The phases of time in relation to the individual are the past (history), the present (actuality) and finally the future, which is the dimension of planning and creativity.
In this section, we will try to reconstruct and discuss the fundamental stages of history from a philosophical point of view (philosophy of history). This is essential, because only by understanding history and its meaning can we understand the present, which is our own life, and then shape the future in a meaningful way.

The understanding of the present is the sphere of actuality, of the world in motion, which at the same time develops into our own life and together with us. In this section, we will deal with current news and what is happening every day (the philosophical world news). We will try to understand them more deeply by means of the insights of the philosophy of history.

Finally, in the section on ’future’, we could or should outline a movement that should be able to spread a cosmopolitan philosophy, as promoted by this platform, throughout the world and thus positively influence human life on Earth in a cosmopolitan and ecological way, so that a unity of people among themselves and between them and nature can be achieved.

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