The basic principle of aesthetics is to allow humankind to move on to total creativity, dominated by imagination and radically unlimited. Aesthetics is the sphere of the BEAUTIFUL, of absolute freedom. It presupposes theory (i.e. knowledge, the truth) and ethics (i.e. social values, the good), but then it is completely free in its action - unconditionally.
For this reason, humans feel fully realised and happy in the various aesthetic manifestations, when they actively produce them as an ’artist’ or enjoy them. Every human activity can be ’beautiful’, harmonious, i.e. ’artistic’ in the broadest sense.
Aesthetics is, in short, a general dimension of existence that consists in beauty, in the feeling of complete perfection that accompanies every ’beautiful’ act.
It is articulated in the various human activities that are dominated by creativity and imagination. These activities are therefore infinite and are constantly evolving. Some of them are, for example, art in general (painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music, etc.) or play, sports, or simply dreaming (of a beautiful journey, an intense love, etc.)...


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