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World Cosmopolitan Playing


The basic principle of the game is creativity, supported by imagination. However, this imagination is applied to playful activities that seek to establish an interpersonal relationship on a level other than that of rationality. Of course, a game is also based on logic (rules of the game, strategy), but the specificity of a game is not given by these rules or strategy, which can also change over time, but by the purpose of the game. This purpose is above all a product of pure fantasy.

Throwing the ball into the net or preventing it from going into the net is in itself an illogical thing, thinking of the waste of energy and the costs or risk of injury that can be associated with this activity, that actually leads to nothing important despite these efforts.

The same can be said for the game of cards: having four of the same cards in your hand and thereby achieving ’poker’ makes no sense at all, it does not bring any improvement in people’s lives. However, it is extremely beautiful and fascinating for those who like the game of poker.

This meaningless activity, which nevertheless requires a certain ability, is just the basic concept of the game.

The fact that it is indeed meaningless is a very important aspect of the game principle! Since there is no point in throwing a ball into the net or not, it relaxes and allows distraction from other normal activities of daily life, which instead are full of meaning and must be performed according to strictly rational principles.

Even if we lose a game, it does not matter - we might win the next time, it does not matter at all. The most important thing is that you "had fun", that you lived outside the binding logic of rational and necessary everyday life at least for a while.

Obviously this applies to the pure game, not to what has become work or has to do with money. The football game between friends is therefore a real game, but that between club teams with players paid by the millions is no longer a game, but work (here sometimes a goal, whether made or not, causes the loss or gain of millions).

The game as such also has an impact on the environment, albeit very limited in the case of the real game, while it is more conspicuous in the case of the game than if the game is work, as transfers from teams to away games obviously have a negative impact on the environment. Also, the use of materials in large quantities to produce the required equipment causes environmental problems.

All this must of course be analysed in a world society, whose main purpose is to connect different populations and cultures, as the game helps a lot in this, but it also needs to ensure the natural conditions of existence on earth.

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