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Dear Friends of Philosophy
I thought I would do something useful by creating a space in the vast sea of the internet, where I could concentrate, making them easily identifiable and consultable, various contributions from scholars on the current war events, capable of guiding readers towards a correct interpretation of the events from a historical and philosophical, and therefore scientific, point of view. 
We cannot allow these issues, which are absolutely fundamental and felt by the people, to be treated superficially and almost always without any scientific basis only by journalists and politicians. It is precisely the fact that reflection on current affairs is in the hands of those who, in the end, are not competent in this field, but who have the possibility of influencing common opinion through the mass media, that leads to situations such as the present one, in which, not by chance, one of the two main protagonists is a very experienced showman. 
In this section, after this brief introduction by me, there are the so-called ’Rooms’, in which each scholar has the possibility to publish articles and contributions on the issue in question. At the moment I have created two rooms, one for Massimo Cacciari, the other for Luciano Canfora. In the coming days I will certainly create others. Anyone can suggest me some scholars who have elaborated valuable reflections on this topic. I can also publish video files (e.g. participation in television programmes) or just audio files, as the platform in question is multimedia, so I can publish files of any kind on it. In this case, however, there would be no translation into several languages.
I hope in this way to make a small contribution to ensuring that reason prevails over base interests and passions, as unfortunately always happens in warlike events. 
I would like to point out here that I do not receive any direct or indirect funding (e.g. advertising) for the platform, which is solely financed with my own money and run by me and a few willing students. 
Hopefully it will all end soon and we can delete this section.
Marco de Angelis


Anyone wishing to make a contribution to this issue, please contact us via the ’contact’ form on the site. Thank you!


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