World Cosmopolitan Science

World Cosmopolitan Science


In this section, the aim is to examine the findings of the experimental natural sciences and humanities.

Especially with regard to environmental problems, the contribution of empirical and scientific knowledge is elementary, since philosophical derivation alone cannot say anything about the current climate and environmental situation. Yet, philosophy can suggest possible solutions at the political level.

Not only the contribution of empirical and experimental research is fundamental for the protection of climate and environment, but also social and demographic research is important, for example, to understand the development of the different population groups living on the planet. This development is of course closely related to the environmental situation.

In this section, therefore, all scientists in these disciplines are offered the opportunity to make important contributions and provide ideas that can help those who work on a practical political level to realise the new world state paradigm and by that lead humanity to its next, cosmopolitan stage of development.


If you like to contribute to the design of a room on the topic of ’World Sciences’ – of course in accordance with the underlying orientation of the platform – please contact us by e-mail.


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