World Cosmopolitan Technology

World Cosmopolitan Technology

World Cosmopolitan Technology

The basic principle of technology consists in applying scientific knowledge to intervene in natural processes (e.g. medicine) or to create new material processes that can improve human life conditions (e.g. cars and transport in general). (Im deutschen Text: „materielle menschliche Prozesse“ ist unklar. Ich würde vorschlagen, das „menschliche“ wegzulassen)

Technology itself offers possibilities that can either be applied or not. Therefore, technology in itself is always neutral, like any other form of knowledge. Its truth lies in the practical, not in the theoretical realm. For example, the ability to make a bomb capable of extinguishing any form of life on earth in a short time in itself is knowledge, a truth that contains a possibility like any other knowledge.
Obviously, technology always concerns humankind, since it is a matter of extending possibilities for human action. These can be judged positively or negatively depending on the situation, but in themselves they are never positive or negative but only theoretical and practical possibilities.

Technology is, in short, the practical application of science. But of course, not every knowledge should unthinkingly become a technology. Its benefits or possible harm always have to be discussed and taken into account. Some decisions are therefore required not only in the field of technology, but also in the field of ethics. This happens, for example, when the application of a new technology contradicts common ethical principles (e.g. in human cloning).


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